How Can We Help?

The only way to manage your risk in an extremely volatile market is to have a partner who will look after your best interests at all times. Alternative Energy Source (AES) begins working for you the moment we start a conversation, even if you are not a current customer. Our objective is to educate current and prospective customers, so they can make smart and informed decisions to better manage their energy program.


Utility Data Management

What  you  don’t  measure,  You  can’t  manage!  Introducing MUC: Utility Data Management A utility data management system that will allow your business to track, understand and manage their utility costs; natural gas, electric, water, sewer, phones,  waste, etc…. Capture data andRead more


About Us

AES was founded in 1991, starting as an Ohio natural gas marketing firm evolving today into a full service energy management company.

AES has established a solid network of energy providers throughout the country. By utilizing our experience and knowledge, our team will work with you to understand your business. We will structure a cost effective and customized procurement strategy to meet your specific needs, not those of the supplier.

Our Philosophy

In today's energy market the dynamics have become extremely complex and difficult to predict. In this environment you need a consistent pulse on the market and someone in your corner providing INDEPENDENT and UNBIASED advice.

Clients turn to AES because they need problems solved, whether those problems are energy related or managing the impact to their bottom line. Powered by the expertise of our people, AES builds a team-based approach to service clients and we work hard to become a trusted, independent, transparent and unbiased business partner.


Mission Statement

AES's top priority is our clients, providing the highest level of service that positively impacts their bottom line.
Since no two businesses are the same, AES believes that an energy procurement program should be custom tailored to enhance your unique business.

We are committed to:

• Openness and transparency in our business relationships
• Considering the impact to the customer on any decision made by AES
• Finding cost effective solutions for businesses of all sizes
• Providing independent and unbiased recommendations
• Educating the customer
• Developing long term relationships

Partner Associations

  • Better Business Bureau
  • Energy Professionals of Ohio
  • Ashland Area Chamber of Commerce
  • Bucyrus Area Chamber of Commerce
  • Galion-Crestline Area Chamber of Commerce
  • Marion Area Chamber of Commerce
  • Springfield Chamber of Commerce
  • Alliance for Energy Choice