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Is your Bid Process focused at the lowest price or lowest program cost?

There is a major difference. 

RFP Process
  • Our RFP Bid process is structured for customers that don’t have the time, knowledge or desire to understand the energy market.
  • Energy procurement is not one size fits all. Alternative Energy Source takes the time to understand your specific needs. By developing a personalized energy program we can structure our bid requests specific to your needs, saving you time and money.
  • Upon obtaining the supplier price quotes we present then in an easy to understand summary and more importantly make sure you understand what the supplier contract is saying that the price does not reflect.
  • The lowest price is not always the best program, oftentimes the devil is in the detail or should we say the supply agreement.

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Risk Management

Most businesses unfortunately secure their energy based on the lowest price presented. When working with Alternative Energy Source our objective is educating you on the factors that drive the market, to understanding your tolerance for price risk and to understand how energy is consumed within your operation.
From this we work with our clients to develop a hedging strategy that allows them to plan for today and strategically monitor their needs into the future.

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As an added service, Alternative Energy Source can assist clients in need of help developing their annual energy budgets based on projected energy costs and the customers anticipated load profile.

Contract Negotiation and Review

It’s imperative for customers to understand the lowest price/offering, may not be the lowest cost option. AES will negotiate pricing and contract terms on behalf of the customer. Once a term and price are agreed upon, AES will review energy providers’ agreements for accuracy, evaluate the integrity and validity of the contractual language, and provide an executive summary for said customer.

Usage Analytics

Understanding a customer’s load profile improves our ability to educate the client to make informed energy decisions. AES will develop bench marks based on the customer’s historical usage data eg., operational schedules, hours of operation, weather, etc. Through data visualization and load profiling, AES will work with the customer to develop an action plan with both short and long-term goals.

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