Demand Response



Demand Response (DR) programs are designed to help customers generate revenue if they agree to curtail a percentage of their load during peak demand period(s).

The concept is simple, incentivize customers financially for their ability to curtail their load (via back-up generators, ability to shut-down, etc.) during increased demand periods.

Alternative Energy Source provides its customers unbiased program evaluation and detailed education of the program technicalities, through on-site evaluation and assistance in contract negotiations.

Get Paid for Curtailing Load

  • If you are able to curtail a minimum of 100 KW, you can earn guaranteed income.

It’s not Difficult

  • AES will work with you to identify ways to shed load and help in determining the amount of load that can be shed.
  • We manage the entire process, setting up your metering equipment and analyzing the data so you can make an informed decision.

Key Points
  • Participants receive financial benefits for enrollment into a program by temporarily reducing their electricity use when demand could outpace supply.
  • Events are more likely when demand increases during hot summer days or if generation facilities are damaged or wholesale prices escalate. The programs offer incentives to businesses that volunteer and participate by temporarily reducing their electricity use when demand could outpace supply
  • Customer is committing to curtail a maximum of 60 hours or 10 events plus a 1 hour test.
  • The maximum duration of an event can last up to 6 hours.
  • Non curtailment of committed load only results in reduced payments down to zero.
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