Energy Procurement – Natural Gas Programs

NYMEX Plus (Variable) Solution

This product is based on the monthly NYMEX natural gas market

  • This product allows the customer to secure its non-energy costs (delivery costs) into a fixed price, but allows the customer to remain on a variable market rate for its commodity portion
  • This product allows customers to convert a portion of their load into a fixed commodity price, spreading the price risk over multiple layers / dollar cost averaging; while allowing the rest of the load to remain on market based rates
  • Commodity prices are tied to NYMEX, a commodity future trading exchange
  • This option is ideal for customers willing to bear the risk associated with market price volatility

Fixed Price Solution:

Customers pay a single fixed price for 100% of your natural gas usage

  • Allows businesses the ability to secure a set price per MMBtu for the term of the contract
  • Best suited for customers looking for budget certainty and no tolerance for price risk
  • However price and budget certainty comes at a cost; suppliers add a “risk premium’ for the volume and price risk they assume

Natural Gas CHOICE Pool Program:

Painlessly attain control over your natural gas costs

  • AES becomes your energy manager; the program is designed for smaller volumes businesses that don’t have the time, knowledge or desire to monitor or understand the energy market
  • This program is about devising a strategy to provide our customers the lowest overall program cost….not just jumping on the next lowest price of the day
  • Under the CHOICE pool program AES aggregates your volumes with other business and then manages the overall pool leveraging our buying power and driving down costs    > Learn More
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