PLC Management


Peak load contribution or PLC reflects the five (5) highest demand days across the entire PJM system during the summer months of June to September. Each electric distribution company (EDU) within the PJM footprint collects and reports its daily load demand to PJM. From this information the five (5) peak days and hour is determined, which are then used to drill down to each customer’s specific annual PLC value.

Considering nearly 1/4th of your “Generation / Transportation” is determined by your PLC, learning how to control or reduce your PLC can provide significant cost reduction.

Alternative Energy Source’s voluntary notification program informs you when a potential peak demand day might occur. If you are able to reduce your load and that notification happens to be one of the five peaks days on the PJM system, you will have potentially reduced your PLC.
Unfortunately, there could be 10 or more potential events called. If you’re able, reduce your load on each notification. However, since that is not always possible the program is completely “voluntary” with no penalty for non-curtailment.

For an in depth consultation on how your business could shed load and benefit through PLC reduction, Contact AES today.